Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Starhawk Chronicles has launched! 7/24/2013

After a whole lotta years,  (Those of you who have read the previous blog entry know just how long that was!)The Starhawk Chronicles has finally become a reality! After receiving final cover art from artist Dan Lambert ( and with some quick titling and by-line work from my much more technically advanced spouse, Shannon, we got the final cover composed and went to Smashwords for publication. Still awaiting acceptance into their premium catalog, meaning that most major retailers such as Apple and Barnes & Noble will carry TSC. Hopefully that goes smoothly and we'll start getting major recognition.

So, what's next? A lot of people have inquired whether I intend to offer an actual print copy, and the answer is most definitely yes! I am already checking into POD (Print on demand) publishers. Once the sales of the e-book get rolling, I will be looking to go the paper route.

And as far as future projects go, well, I'll be updating this blog with what to expect. I will say that another adventure is in store for the crew of the Starhawk, as well as a solo adventure (or two) for a very popular character from the first tale.

Keep watching for more. And check here to get you e-book edition of The Starhawk Chronicles.

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