Friday, April 21, 2017

Still Alive, Still Kicking, Still Writing...

Been awhile since I posted anything here. Not even sure if anyone still reads this blog. For those of you that do (Thank you for not making this a wasted effort!), I figured some updates were in order.
I have made the jump from self-published author to having The Starhawk Chronicles published with Burning Willow Press! (Thank you to Edd and Kindra Sowder!) Not sure yet what the new cover or logo will look like, so I'm just winging it for now. I also changed the title of the official Facebook page because I DO write more than just The Starhawk Chronicles, and want to show a bit more diversity. It's okay. Change is good.
With the first book of TSC due to be released this December and Book II hopefully not too long after that, I have time to work on the continuing adventures of Jesse, Podo and the rest of the Starhawk crew as well as other projects.
Book III, subtitled Rightful Heir, will focus on Podo's backstory, and explain the mystery of where he came from and how that information will impact both his position with the Starhawk crew, and with the larger galaxy in general. Fan-favorite Kayla Karson returns in a major role.
Huntress is an origin story set approximately 3 years prior to the events of the first novel, detailing how Kayla Karson came to be the bounty hunter we know now. I am working on both this and Book III simultaneously. Not sure yet which will be released first.
New Leaf will be the story of Earth's first successful off-world colony AND its first contact with (several) alien species. Though not an actual prequel (It is set about 125 years before the events of TSC) it does tie in to the galaxy and events we know already, with many familiar species and locations throughout.
Another series, Tales of the Fighting 59th, will follow the adventures of a group of fighter pilots during the Confederation-Harkonian War, hinted at in TSC. More of a direct prequel than New Leaf, this series will include some familiar, though much younger, characters. 
Evil Angel (Working title) will be set during this same period, chronicling the adventures of a group of privateers working with the Confederation against the Harkonian Empire. Again, there will be some familiar characters within.
There are a few more Starhawk novels on the horizon. In addition to Book IV "All Together Now...", there will be Starhawk: Genesis (an origin story) and Starhawk: Legacy (Set some 18 years after Book VI)
Finally, there will be Druimoor, an epic fantasy (Possibly a two-book run) in the tradition of Tolkien and Dungeons & Dragons. If you want to get an idea of what will happen, check out my On Dragons Wings trilogy of short stories, available as a set, or combined with other works in Other Worlds: A Collection of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Epic Silliness, available on my Amazon page.
Stay tuned here for updates on all of these works-in-progress.I will try to keep updates regular, especially as we near the release of Book I.
JJM 4/21/17